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revised_Application technology pulp washer in the Pulp & Paper sector

Pulp washing with CO2

Carbon dioxide to improve efficiency in pulp washing


The use of CO2 can improve the efficiency of alkaline washing stages. This technology can thus be considered for an optimisation of brown-stock washing or washing alkaline bleaching stages. If this technology is implemented correctly, many process parameters can be improved without investing heavily in new washing units:


Lowering of washing water consumption
Increase the capacity of the wash and the evaporation plant
Increase in production amounts
Reduction in alkali losses
Lower bleaching agent usage
Decrease in foam formation and less anti-foaming agent required 
For integrated factories, reduction in use of chemicals on the paper machine
Reduction in COD in waste water
As hardware for the feed and dissolution of carbon dioxide, especially in highly viscous mixtures, especially designed nozzles must be used whose tendency to clog is as low as possible.

revised_Customer process pulp washer in the Pulp & Paper sector

Pulp washing

Brown stock washing and alkaline bleaching stages washing