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Application technology rotary drum furnace in the Iron & Steel sector

Rotary drum furnace

Increased efficiency with the right oxyfuel burner setup


Oxygen combustion


Carrying out combustion with oxygen instead of air as an oxidising agent, reduces fuel consumption and increases the economic efficiency of the process.


In addition to the gases required for your process, Messer offers a variety of equipment for its optimisation under the brand names Oxipyr and Oxijet. 

In order to select the optimum system, experts from Messer first carry out a comprehensive process analysis. Following calculations and basic engineering, suggestions are made for optimisation and further procedures.

Oxipyr – Burner Technology

The characteristics of the burner types are multi-faceted and range from low to high momentum burners, oxyfuel to oxygen/air mixing burners and burners for different fuels or fuel combinations. The systems are controlled manually, semi- or fully automatically following compositions or temperature.

Oxipyr- IPC (Internal Post-Combustion)

Messer developed the Oxial process to make fuel savings and reduce the post-combustion burden. Alternative caloric materials from recycling are used as alternative fuels.  Both oxygen and fuel requirements, as well as the rotational speed of the drum are regulated via the temperature. Depending on the type of furnace, additional oxygen lances may be required for the burner system.  


Lower consumption of conventional fuels
Use of cheaper alternative fuels
Reduces post-combustion burden
Recovery of caloric residues
Savings in waste-disposal costs
Lowering of production costs

Revised Customer process rotary drum furnace in the Iron & Steel sector

Rotary drum furnace iron & steel

Production of nodular and grey-cast iron