Revised Application technology die casting deflashing

Cryogenic deburring of non ferrous die castings

Customised, cost-effective and precise with liquid nitrogen


Cryogenic deburring is a process which involves freezing of the cast parts to a predefined range of below-zero temperatures by means of liquid nitrogen. The temperature is set according to the specific requirements of the parts on hand. The process extracts sensible heat from the castings, leading to embrittlement of the excess material flown out during the casting process. The cast part proper freezes only superficially, i.e. down to the root of the burr. The core of the casting is less affected by the low temperature and therefore retains its elasticity. When the cast parts are in this state of embrittlement induced by freezing, they are subjected to the blasting treatment. The treatment can be targeted on specific spots of the part or the entire part can be treated. Polycarbonatic material is used as blasting medium. 


Deburring die cast parts using conventional procedures is expensive and difficult. But this can be done simply and at low cost with liquid nitrogen: The cryogenic gas makes the burrs brittle. They can then be removed simply and completely using a blasting process. Cryogenic deburring has been an efficient method used for rubber for many years and can also be employed for die cast parts made of aluminium, zinc, titanium or magnesium without any problem. It is significantly more cost-effective than the conventional procedures, and the amount of scrap is considerably reduced. When die cast parts made of zinc, titanium or aluminium are deburred, the liquid nitrogen is conveyed directly from the storage tank to the deburring machine, where it vaporises and cools down the parts.

Your benefits at a glance:

• High process stability

• Optimal process runtimes tailored to geometries

and materials

• Requirements-orientated temperature range

up to -100 °C

• Measurable saving on costs

• Volume of scrap reduced

Revised Customer process die casting deflashing

diecasting deflashing

Customised, cost-effective and precise deburring with liquid nitrogen